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The Brick!

Extra Firm Pocket Sprung orthopaedic mattress

Recommended only for those who want the firmest possible mattress

From £329.00

The Brick Orthopaedic Mattress is recommended only for those who want the firmest imaginable sleeping surface, firmer even than most conventional “Orthopaedic” mattresses.

The 10″ orthopaedic mattress is made up of a core with 1000 pocket spring unit made from a 1.9mm gauge wire which is the firmest possible spring unit for a mattress. To add further firmness the primary filling is an ultra firm foam often used in heavy duty seating. So along with the high levels of support provided by the spring unit the initial surface of this mattress is also comparatively hard. For a softer initial feel to the mattress we recomend using a Laytec or Memory foam mattress topper.


Please note the term “orthopaedic” when used to describe mattresses generally just means an extra firm mattress; it is not based on any medical standard or type of mattress construction. It is best not to assume that an orthopaedic mattress or extra firm mattresses are the best option for bad backs, finding a mattress with the correct support for your preferred sleeping position and body weight is often the best option. We also offer the ‘Colonial’ pocket sprung mattress as a less but still extra firm mattress.

Why not team with one of our divan bases

Recommended weight range:

Individuals from 20 to 30+ stone.

Mattress Firmness:

XXX Firm

Other Sizes:

This mattress can be made to many different shapes and sizes including European metric sizes if needed, please contact us for details.

Care Instructions:

The Brick Orthopaedic Mattress is a two sided mattress and so does require to be turned and rotated on the bed frame. Please see our Information Centre for more details.

Will I be able to get a bigger mattress in my bedroom?

The Brick Orthopaedic Mattress can be made as two separate smaller ones that can then be joined together using a zip to make one whole mattress. This is useful when access is limited as it makes delivery of bigger beds possible. All mattresses over 6ft wide can be made in two halves with a zip for joining for a surcharge of £70. Our divan bases can also be split in two or even four sections to ensure they will fit in your room of choice for an extra £28 per extra split.

Metric / Imperial Conversion Table

Mattresses can be made to exact metric sizes but by default our beds are made in traditional imperial measurements. If you prefer to work in metric please see our conversion table below, also listed are the traditional UK bed sizes.

6’3″ 6’6″ 6’9″ 7’0″ 7’3″
2’6″ 76cm x 190cm 76cm x 199cm 76cm x 206cm 76cm x 214cm 76cm x 221cm
3’0″ 92×190 Single 92cm x 199cm 92cm x 206cm 92cm x 214cm 92cm x 221cm
3’6″ 107cm x 190cm 107cm x 199cm 107cm x 206cm 107cm x 214cm 107cm x 221cm
4’0″ 122cm x 190cm 122cm x 199cm 122cm x 206cm 122cm x 214cm 122cm x 221cm
4’6″ 137×190 Double 137cm x 199cm 137cm x 206cm 137cm x 214cm 137cm x 221cm
5’0″ 152cm x 190cm 152×199 King 152cm x 206cm 152cm x 214cm 152cm x 221cm
6’0″ 183cm x 190cm 183×199 Super King 183cm x 206cm 183cm x 214cm 183cm x 221cm
6’6″ 198cm x 190cm 198cm x 199cm 198cm x 206cm 198cm x 214cm 198cm x 221cm
7’0″ 213cm x 190cm Emperor  213cm x 206cm 213cm x 214cm 213cm x 221cm
8’0″ 244cm x 190cm Caesar 244cm x 206cm 244cm x 214cm 244cm x 221cm



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