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Peter Reed Cotton Flat Sheet

Peter Reed Finest Pure Egyptian Combed Cotton Flat Sheet available in White or Cream

Made to Order in the UK delivery from 4-8 weeks

From £89.00

Peter Reed Cotton Flat Sheet is made from pure 100% Egyptian Cotton with 210 thread count.

Peter Reed’s search for textile perfection is one that dates back over 150 years, from the middle of the 19th century when England was the heart of the industrial revolution and Lancashire was the centre of the world’s newly mechanised clothmaking industry. You could barely walk down a cobbled street in these parts without the clang, clamour and furious roar of the world’s most skilled, most efficient weavers warping and wefting cotton to the incessant beat of the world trade drum. Clothes, uniforms, upholstery fabrics, towels, bedding. The world demanded the best; Lancastrian mills supplied.

All bed linen is made entirely from specially selected, highest quality Egyptian cotton which is ideal for bed linen because it breathes, is free from static which attracts dust, and thrives upon frequent washing and use.

All Peter Reed Cotton Flat Sheets are made to measure for our range of beds. Other sizes available on request.

Larger flat sheets are panel seamed however please note the seam will not be on the surface of the mattress.

We also have matching duvet covers.

Fabric Specification:

Pure 100% combed Egyptian cotton, 210 threads per square inch. Available in White or Cream

Our Peter Reed Flat Sheets are made to following sizes:

3’0″ Mattress Width = 70″ Sheet Width
4’6″ Mattress Width = 90″ Sheet Width
5’0″ Mattress Width = 108″ Sheet Width
6’0″ Mattress Width = 120″ Sheet Width
8’0″ Mattress Width = 143″ Sheet Width