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Divan Base – 5’0″ x 6’3″ in Designer Fabric

Standard Divan Base made in 2 pieces without drawers was a incorrect order, brand new in packaging

Photograph: 5ft made into 2 pieces with one bedside and one standard drawer on Beech feet Upholstered in Multinine Wheat.


Our Standard Divan Bases are usually made to a 16″ height (14″ base with 2″ castor) and can be combined with drawers for extra storage space. If required we can also make deeper base to give a higher sleeping platform.

The Standard Divan Base is the perfect accompaniment for one of beautiful handcrafted Mattresses

One, Two, or Four Piece Base: 

This base is made in 2 pieces

Drawer Options:

No Drawers


Feet Options:

Feet Options

2″ Glides in Chrome or Black                   2″ Castor              2.5″ Plain Beech Foot

Other Sizes:

This divan base can be made to any size including standard sizes Ikea and bespoke measurements.

Upholstery Options

Upholstery in Colefax & Fowler fabric Leni Craie 04914/01 RRP £69pm. This is a cream fabric and can be viewed here

Imperial / Metric Conversion Table

By default we make our beds in the traditional imperial sizes but we can also make any size to an exact metric size if required. Please see the metric conversions for our sizes below, plus we have highlighted the standard UK bed sizes for reference.

6’3″ 6’6″ 6’9″ 7’0″ 7’3″
2’6″ 76cm x 190cm 76cm x 199cm 76cm x 206cm 76cm x 214cm 76cm x 221cm
3’0″ Single 92cm x 199cm 92cm x 206cm 92cm x 214cm 92cm x 221cm
3’6″ 107cm x 190cm 107cm x 199cm 107cm x 206cm 107cm x 214cm 107cm x 221cm
4’0″ 122cm x 190cm 122cm x 199cm 122cm x 206cm 122cm x 214cm 122cm x 221cm
4’6″ Double 137cm x 199cm 137cm x 206cm 137cm x 214cm 137cm x 221cm
5’0″ 152cm x 190cm King 152cm x 206cm 152cm x 214cm 152cm x 221cm
6’0″ 183cm x 190cm Super King 183cm x 206cm 183cm x 214cm 183cm x 221cm
6’6″ 198cm x 190cm 198cm x 199cm 198cm x 206cm 198cm x 214cm 198cm x 221cm
7’0″ 213cm x 190cm Emperor 213cm x 206cm 213cm x 214cm 213cm x 221cm
8’0″ 244cm x 190cm Caesar 244cm x 206cm 244cm x 214cm 244cm x 221cm



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