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Duck Down Four Seasons Duvet Set 4.5 + 9 Tog

4.5 tog & 9 tog can be used individually or popped together to form a 13.5 tog duvet

Pure white European duck down

From £415.00


Luxury Duck Down Four Seasons Duvet set made from 100% Pure European duck down, these are exceptionally soft and comfortable duvets . For extra softness and comfort they have a pure cotton cambric piped cover.

These natural fill duvets have baffle box construction; this keeps the filling evenly distributed and prevents cold spots. The nature of the Duck Down filling gives a lightweight airated duvet that to keep cool in the summer while also being highly insulating in the winter.

4.5 Tog plus 9.5 Tog Duvets with poppers to join and give 13.5 Tog

Made to order in the UK with EDFA Ethically Certified 100% White Duck Down

Machine washable at 40C can be cool tumble dried only, no dry cleaning

Our Sizes: 

All duvets are 7’10” (94 Inches) or 239cm long.

Mattress Width 3’0″ 4’0″ 4’6″ 5’0″ 6’0″ 7’0″ 8’0″
Duvet Single Prince Double King Super King Emperor Caesar
Duvet Width 54″ 67″ 78″ 90″ 102″ 114″ 126″

Made in the UK

Duvet filling: Pure European White Duck Down
Duvet casing: Pure Cotton
Easy care: Washable at 60°C

Size Comparison Extra Long Duvets

To complement our extra long beds we offer both Hollowfibre and Duck Down duvets in longer lengths to keep your toes warm too. Our standard extra long duvet is 94 inches (7’10”) or 240cm long. By comparison a UK standard single duvet is only 53″ long, going up to 79″ long for a double and just 86″ for a King size.