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Memory Foam & Latex Mattresses

Memory Foam (Visco-elastic)

Visco-Elastic foam is sensitive to temperature and therefore responds to your body heat moulding around your body, evenly distributing the pressures caused by body weight. With a quilted top our memory foam mattresses give a flat non dimpled sleeping surface to support and facilitate a restful and beneficial nights sleep. One aspect of memory foam mattresses that we always advise customers of is that they can feel a degree warmer than other mattresses. As the memory foam moulds around your body less air can circulate and so some people can feel they are too hot to sleep in the warmer summer months.


Latex is a natural product similar in feel to memory foam but cooler to sleep on with millions of interconnected air holes to aid ventilation though the mattress. The unique feeling of Latex moulds to the curves and contours of your body while is also inherently hypo-allergenic with anti-microbial properties that inhibit bacteria, fungi and dust mites.