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Ottoman Divan Base

Ottoman Base

From: £243.00
From: £243.00
Base photographed is a 5'0" width end lift model made in 2 pieces


Make use of the space under your bed.

A standard King Size base has over 20 cubic feet of storage space.


Side or End Lift:

As standard 3'0" to 4'6" width bases are made with a side lifting lid where as 5'0" and wider bases lift from the end. Other options available.


German made lifting mechanism

With gas struts fitted on larger beds.


A metal hoop,

keeps the mattress in place as it’s lifted.


As the mattress lifts up,

it also moves forward so the base can be used with a headboard.


5 year warranty,

on workmanship, mechanism, and materials.


Personalise down to the feet,

choose from four different options to suit your style and needs.


The Ottoman base is 14” high with a 3” lid giving approximately 10 to 11” depth of storage space. With a glide or castor the base has an overall height of 16”.


A 3’0” or 3’6” width base will be made in one piece, or by request can be made in two parts for a surcharge of £ 68.00. Over 4'0" will be made in 2 piece they can be made in 4 please contact us for details.

Side or End Lift:

3'0" to 4'6" width bases are made with a side opening lid.

5’0” and wider bases are made with an end opening lid.

Please contact us if you require an alternative.

Upholstery Options

Cameo: Beige, Black

Cameo - Beige, Black

Apollo Fabric

Apollo - Silver, Cream, Wheat, Charcoal


Luminata - Taupe, Mauve, Pewter, Denim, Aqua


 Suede - Beige, Tan, Brown, Charcoal, Black


Chenille - Cream, Silver, Charcoal, Mink, Chocolate, Black


Faux Leather - White, Black, Grey, Blue, Cream, Brown

Premium: Selection from Warwick Fabrics (

These fabrics start from £100 dependant on size of bed, we will call you once your order has been placed to give you a quote and confirm fabric choice.

Malabar : Shadow, Dew, Pewter, Linen, Taupe, Slate (other colours available)


Chambray: Cashew, Denim, Indigo, Pacific, Pink, Storm, Donkey


Plush Velvet: Silver, Burgundy, Mallard, Teal, Slate, Jet (other colours available)

 For comparison see belows standard sizes in imperial and metric however we can make any size to match your specifications.

Width x Length 6’6” / 199cm 6’9” / 206cm 7’ / 214cm 7’3” / 221cm
Single 3' x 6'6''  3' x 6'9''  3' x 7'  3' x 7'3'' 
92cm x 199cm 92cm x 206cm 92cm x 214cm 92cm x 221cm
Teenager 3'6" / 6'6" 3'6" x 6'9" 3'6" x 7' 3'6" x 7'3"
107cm x 199cm  107cm x 206cm  107cm x 214cm  107cm x 221cm
Prince 4' x 6'6''  4' x 6'9''  4' x 7'  4' x 7'3'' 
122cm x 199cm 122cm x 206cm 122cm x 214cm 122cm x 221cm
Double 4'6" x 6'6" 4'6" x 6'9" 4'6" x 7' 4'6" x 7'3"
138cm 0 199cm 138cm x 206cm 138cm x 214cm 138cm x 221cm 
King 5' x 6'6''  5' x 6'9''  5' x 7'  5' x 7'3'' 
153cm x 199cm 153cm x 206cm 153cm x 214cm 153cm x 221cm 
Super King 6' x 6'6''  6' x 6'9''  6' x 7'  6' x 7'3'' 
183cm x 199cm 183cm x 206cm 183cm x 214cm 183cm x 221cm
Queen 6'6'' x 6'6''  6'6'' x 6'9''  6'6'' x 7'  6'6'' x 7'3'' 
199cm x 199cm 199cm x 206cm 199cm x 214cm 199cm x 221cm
Emperor 7' x 6'6''  7' x 6'9''  7' x 7'  7' x 7'3'' 
214cm x 199cm 214cm x 206cm 214cm x 214cm 214cm x 221cm
Caesar 8' x 6'6''  8' x 6'9''  8' x 7'  8' x 7'3'' 
244cm x 199cm 244cm x 206cm 244cm x 214cm 244cm x 221cm