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Ottoman Divan Base

Ottoman Base

From: £298.00
From: £298.00
Base photographed is a 5'0" width end lift model made in 2 pieces


Make use of the space under your bed.

A standard King Size base has over 20 cubic feet of storage space.


Side or End Lift:

As standard 3'0" to 4'6" width bases are made with a side lifting lid where as 5'0" and wider bases lift from the end. Other options available.


German made lifting mechanism

With gas struts fitted on larger beds.


A metal hoop,

keeps the mattress in place as it’s lifted.


As the mattress lifts up,

it also moves forward so the base can be used with a headboard.


5 year warranty,

on workmanship, mechanism, and materials.


Personalise down to the feet,

choose from four different options to suit your style and needs.


The Ottoman base is 14” high with a 3” lid giving approximately 10 to 11” depth of storage space. With a glide or castor the base has an overall height of 16”.


A 3’0” or 3’6” width base will be made in one piece, or by request can be made in two parts for a surcharge of £ 68.00. Over 4'0" will be made in 2 piece they can be made in 4 please contact us for details.

Side or End Lift:

3'0" to 4'6" width bases are made with a side opening lid.

5’0” and wider bases are made with an end opening lid.

Please contact us if you require an alternative.

Upholstery Options

Cameo: Beige, Black

Cameo - Beige, Black

Apollo Fabric

Apollo - Silver, Cream, Wheat, Charcoal


Luminata - Taupe, Mauve, Pewter, Denim, Aqua


 Suede - Beige, Tan, Brown, Charcoal, Black


Chenille - Cream, Silver, Charcoal, Mink, Chocolate, Black


Faux Leather - White, Black, Grey, Blue, Cream, Brown

Premium: Selection from Warwick Fabrics (

These fabrics start from £100 dependant on size of bed, we will call you once your order has been placed to give you a quote and confirm fabric choice.

Malabar : Shadow, Dew, Pewter, Linen, Taupe, Slate (other colours available)

Lovely: Taupe, Cement, Seagrass, Rose, Aubergine, Atlantic 

Fabric Swatches

Chambray: Cashew, Denim, Indigo, Pacific, Pink, Storm, Donkey


Plush Velvet: Silver, Burgundy, Mallard, Teal, Slate, Jet (other colours available)

All our beds are handmade in Britain

handmade in Britain 

For comparison see belows standard sizes in imperial and metric however we can make any size to match your specifications.

Width x Length 6’6” / 199cm 6’9” / 206cm 7’ / 214cm 7’3” / 221cm
Single 3' x 6'6''  3' x 6'9''  3' x 7'  3' x 7'3'' 
92cm x 199cm 92cm x 206cm 92cm x 214cm 92cm x 221cm
Wide Single 3'6" / 6'6" 3'6" x 6'9" 3'6" x 7' 3'6" x 7'3"
107cm x 199cm  107cm x 206cm  107cm x 214cm  107cm x 221cm
Prince 4' x 6'6''  4' x 6'9''  4' x 7'  4' x 7'3'' 
122cm x 199cm 122cm x 206cm 122cm x 214cm 122cm x 221cm
Double 4'6" x 6'6" 4'6" x 6'9" 4'6" x 7' 4'6" x 7'3"
138cm 0 199cm 138cm x 206cm 138cm x 214cm 138cm x 221cm 
King 5' x 6'6''  5' x 6'9''  5' x 7'  5' x 7'3'' 
153cm x 199cm 153cm x 206cm 153cm x 214cm 153cm x 221cm 
Super King 6' x 6'6''  6' x 6'9''  6' x 7'  6' x 7'3'' 
183cm x 199cm 183cm x 206cm 183cm x 214cm 183cm x 221cm
Queen 6'6'' x 6'6''  6'6'' x 6'9''  6'6'' x 7'  6'6'' x 7'3'' 
199cm x 199cm 199cm x 206cm 199cm x 214cm 199cm x 221cm
Emperor 7' x 6'6''  7' x 6'9''  7' x 7'  7' x 7'3'' 
214cm x 199cm 214cm x 206cm 214cm x 214cm 214cm x 221cm
Caesar 8' x 6'6''  8' x 6'9''  8' x 7'  8' x 7'3'' 
244cm x 199cm 244cm x 206cm 244cm x 214cm 244cm x 221cm