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Mattress Buying Guide

Choose your perfect mattress using our Mattress Guide


To aid your decision in choosing a mattress the following three factors should inform your choice of mattress: your sleeping position, weight and first hand experience.

Sleeping Position - The firmness of a mattress will lend itself to certain sleeping positions.

sleeping positions

Body Weight
- We suggest these basic guidelines to assist in the choice of the correct level of support for your weight.

weight chart

Please note our Open Spring Mattress are available in a choice of tensions while our Pocket Sprung Mattresses are only available in a single tension with the exception of the Premier Pocket Mattress that has two spring firmness options. 

Open Coil vs Pocket Sprung
Sprung mattress construction falls into two categories; open coil, and pocket spring. The open coil mattress is the conventional construction type. All springs are fixed together, lengthways and width ways. Because of the larger springs, open coil mattresses tend to have less than 50% of the springs of a pocket sprung mattress. The general firmness of a mattress is created by using different thickness or gauges of the wire used in the springs, plus to some extent the type and thickness of the fillings.

Pocket spring construction uses individual coiled springs, encased in individual fabric pockets. Each pocket is nested and sewn together at the centre of each spring therefore isolating each spring’s compression. This minimises 'roll together' and reduces the disturbance factor between sleeping partners, plus because more individual coil springs are found the user will enjoy better support.

Memory Foam (Visco-elastic)
Conceived and developed by NASA. Visco-Elastic foam is sensitive to temperature and therefore responds to your body heat. Molding around your body, evenly distributing the pressures caused by body weight. It gives optimum support to facilitate a restful and beneficial nights sleep. Memory Foam mattresses and mattress toppers have proven effective in the treatment of back disorders, helping to promote a good sleeping posture with therapeutically correct support.

Manufactured in the UK by a British company our hypoallergenic mattresses come with a removable cover made from 100% natural cotton, which makes it particularly suitable for people who may have bacteria, fungi and dust mite allergies and want to clean the cover regularly. These high quality mattresses were recently voted 'Best Buy' by Which? Magazine in their 2006 Memory Foam Mattress Test.

We have our memory foam mattresses made to suit your body weight using a range of different foams, providing either a 'Soft' 'Medium' or 'Firm' mattress. The standard mattress is 8” or 200mm deep which includes 110mm foam base with a 90mm Visco Top.

The latex used in our mattresses has thousands of air holes that increases comfort and provides an excellent ventilation system through the mattress core, making it ideal for people who often feel to hot in bed. The unique feeling of Latex moulds to the curves and contours of your body while is also inherently hypo-allergenic with anti-microbial properties that inhibit bacteria, fungi and dust mites.

Orthopaedic Mattresses
The term 'orthopaedic' generally just means an extra firm bed; it is not based on any medical standard or type of mattress construction. It is best not to assume that an 'orthopaedic' or firmer beds are the best option for bad backs, finding a mattress with the correct support for your prefered sleeping position and body weight is often the best option.

Choosing the right size
You should always buy the biggest bed you can fit in your bedroom. Larger beds are more comfortable especially if you are sharing, as you are less likely to disturb each others sleeping pattern.

Will I be able to get a bigger mattress in my bedroom?

A mattress can be made as two separate smaller ones that can then be joined together using a zip to make one whole mattress. This is useful when access is limited as it makes delivery of bigger beds possible. All mattresses over 6ft wide can be made in two halves with a zip for joining for a surcharge of £70. Our divan bases can also be split in two or even four sections to ensure they will fit in your room of choice for an extra £28 per extra split.

What are the Benefits?

A two-piece Mattress option can eliminate ‘roll together’, this can be particularly noticeable especially if you and your partner are of considerable different body weights and on the less expensive open sprung mattresses. Having two separate mattresses makes turning much more manageable. We always recommend turning (Flipping/ top and tailing) a mattress to maximize longevity and comfort. Modern houses are becoming smaller in size especially stairwells and landings, delivery of Super King size and above beds can be difficult. Bases now often come in 2 or 4 pieces but mattresses can be a huge problem. If this sounds like your property a zip and link mattress eliminates this problem.

Can I feel the zips?

Obviously two mattresses together will never feel the same as one full mattress however the zips are inset under the mattress ridge. What may be noticeable are the edges where the mattresses meet. To alleviate this we often recommend the use of a mattress protector and/or topper.

Do I need to turn my mattress?
To allow the fillings of your mattress to settle evenly we recomend that you turn your mattress every month. Remember to rotate the mattress from head to foot as well as flipping the mattress over to ensure all fillings settle evenly. Mattresses that use memory foam as a component should just be rotated from head to foot and not turned.

Mattress Protectors - Please click here for mattress protectors
We offer plain and padded mattress protectors with an extra layer of either lambswool or polyester filling for extra comfort.

A Tufted mattresses is a mattress that has been speared through the total depth of the mattress with cotton or twin popins and secured on each side with felt or pure worsted wool tufts. Unlike the more basic quilted panel mattress constructions, the process of tufting ensures that the fillings and the springing system cannot move out of position, therefore ensuring the longevity of the mattress.

Hand side stitched borders
Our Premier Pocket sprung mattress has hand side stitching, this involves physically stitching the mattress border to the mattress spring unit. This is carried out using long upholstery needles with natural high tensile strength twine. The outcome of this procedure is a beautifully tailored mattress with a firm yet supportive border working in conjunction with the mattress periphery frame.

Every Longbeds mattress is fitted with solid brass ventilators. This enables the mattress to breathe and air.

Fire Retardance
Every Longbeds mattress is guaranteed to meet current dometic fire rating regulations. Many of our mattresses are also available in a contract or commercial source 5 Fire rating, please contact us for prices and details.