Mattress Buying Guide

Numerous factors effect what your most suitable mattress might be but we have produced this quick guide to outline what we believe are the important factors you might want to consider.

Firmness Guide

Individual body weight & Firmness suggestions

Mattress firmness guide for individual body weight

Sleeping position & Firmness suggestions

Sleeping position: Suggestions for individual preference

Our Mattresses: Firmness comparison

Please note some mattresses are available in different firmness’s

Firmness Comparison: Our mattress

Understanding Mattresses

Open Spring or Pocket Spring Mattress what is the difference?

Sprung mattress construction falls into two categories; Open Sprung and Pocket Spring. Pocket spring construction uses individual springs encased in their own fabric pockets thereby isolating the movement of each spring. This minimises ‘roll together’ you may experience when sharing a bed and reducing the disturbance factor between sleeping partners. The other main advantage is that with a large number of individual springs this type of mattress can form more accurately to your bodies curves and contours.

Open Sprung mattress are the traditional lower cost construction type. All springs are fixed together, lengthways and width ways. Because the springs are larger open sprung mattresses tends to have less than half of the springs of a pocket sprung mattress. For example an open spring (or Bonnell spring) is 3” (75mm) in diameter where pocket springs come in different sizes but are usually only around 1” (25mm) in diameter.

With either spring type softer mattresses use a thinner spring wire where firmer mattresses use a thicker wire. But a pocket sprung mattress can have various numbers (of different width springs) to alter the firmness as well as changing the wire thickness.

Mattress Support and Feel

While the springs used in our mattresses will change the amount of support a mattress gives the type and thickness of fillings give the initial feel of a mattress and also effect the support to some extent.

Natural Fillings

Natural fillings are particularly beneficial for regulating body heat our mattresses that include natural fillings include the Regent, Premier, and Balmoral. It should be noted that all higher quality mattresses with large quantity of natural fillings experience settlement of these fillings with a ‘body impression’ becoming evident over time. This is perfectly normal as the fillings gradually compress over time. It is recommended that you replace your mattress every 8 to 10 years as this settlement becomes more noticeable and the springs will over time loose some support. Some of the natural fillings used in our mattresses include; Lambswool, Cotton Felt, Horse Hair, and in the Balmoral mattress Cashmere wool.


Latex is a natural product similar in feel to memory foam but cooler to sleep on with millions of interconnected air holes to aid ventilation though the mattress. The unique feeling of Latex moulds to the curves and contours of your body while is also inherently hypo-allergenic with anti-microbial properties that inhibit bacteria, fungi and dust mites.


Most of our mattresses have some level of synthetic fillings which unlike natural fillings these are more resilient and will bounce back. The most common synthetic filling found in mattresses is a polyester fibre which is added in different thicknesses.

Memory Foam (Visco-elastic)

Visco-Elastic foam is sensitive to temperature and therefore responds to your body heat moulding around your body, evenly distributing the pressures caused by body weight. With a quilted top our memory foam mattresses give a flat non dimpled sleeping surface to support and facilitate a restful and beneficial nights sleep. One aspect of memory foam mattresses that we always advise customers of is that they can feel a degree warmer than other mattresses. As the memory foam moulds around your body less air can circulate and so some people can feel they are too hot to sleep in the warmer summer months.

Mattress Terminology


The dimpled surface of a mattress is due to tufting. Tufting ensures that the fillings and the springs stay are fixed in place, therefore ensuring the longevity of the mattress. During manufacturing the mattress is squashed then a cord is passed though it with either a felt or pure wool tufts acting as washers at either end to hold it in place.

Side Stitching

Our Regent, Premier, and Balmoral mattresses all benefit from hand side stitching. This involves physically stitching the mattress edge into the mattress spring unit. This is carried out using long upholstery needles with natural high tensile strength twine. The outcome of this procedure is a beautifully tailored mattress with a firm supportive edge.


Mattresses are fitted with ventilators these help the mattress to breathe and draw air though the mattress.

Mattress FAQs

How do I care for my new mattress?

To allow the fillings of your mattress to settle evenly we recommend that you turn and or rotate your mattress every month, this will maximise longevity and comfort. Remembering to rotate the mattress from head to foot as well as flipping the mattress over helps to ensure all springs and fillings settle evenly. Please note mattresses that use memory foam or Latex as a filling are meant for single sided use and should only be rotated from head to foot and not turned.

A new mattress is a significant investment and so we always recommend using a Mattress Protector. We offer mattresses to protectors to fit all of our numerous sizes of mattresses as a made to order service. Various options are available including a quilted mattress for a little extra comfort, a waterproof option and a waterproof mattress zipped envelope for complete protection.

What is an Orthopaedic Mattress?

An ‘orthopaedic’ mattress is not based on any medical standard or type of mattress construction. It generally just means a very firm mattress. We advise it is best not to assume that an ‘orthopaedic’ or simply a very firm mattress is the best option for bad back, finding a mattress with the correct support for your preferred sleeping position and body weight is often the best option as well as your own personal preferences.

Will I be able to get a big bed in my bedroom?

Our larger mattresses can be made in two sections that can then be joined together using a zip to make one whole mattress. Likewise our divan bases can be split in two or even four sections to ensure they can be taken to your room of choice. Mattress zips are inset below the mattress edge but you can mask the joint of the mattresses further using a mattress topper; these are available with a variety of fillings both natural and synthetic. One potential benefit of having a two piece zip and link mattress is that they can significantly reduce the disturbance factor between couples sharing a bed. Also if the base is split appropriately the bed can also be used as two singles.

Fire Retardancy

All of our mattresses are tested and guaranteed to meet current domestic fire rating regulations. Many of our mattresses are also available in a commercial use source 5 Fire rating, if this is something you require please contact us for prices and details.