Divan Base Buying Guide

We offer four main types of Divan bases these are; Shallow, Ottoman, Drawer, and Sprung.

Other options are available such as Slide store, Ottoman blank, Platform base (for antique of metal bed frames), Jumbo drawer

Depending on the size bed bases are by default made in sections as illustrated below, but if required particularly for access smaller bases can be made in two sections and larger bases in four sections. Even larger ottomans can be made in four sections with a two piece lid although this does require extra home assembly.

Standard / Drawer Base

A conventional base has a hard lightly padded top made in either one, two or four sections. Fitted with either castors, glides, or Beech feet. Various drawer layouts are available including continental drawers if you have bed side tables. Two drawers can be fitted to 3’0″ and 4’0″ beds with four drawers available in 4’6″ and wider beds. By default the base is 12″ deep with castors this gives a total height of 14″ but this can be increased on request.

Shallow Base

By default our shallow base is 6″ deep which can be fitted with castors for a low level bed or on beech legs at 5″, 7″ or 9″ legs including castors; ideal for under bed storage. Alternative thicknesses are available from just 3″ up to 8″.

Ottoman Base

Maximise storage space under your bed. By default beds up to and including 4’6″ wide are made as a side lift base. 5’0″ and wider bases are made as an end lift and have gas struts to aid lifting the mattress. 3’0″ to 4’6″ wide Ottomans can be made as an end lift by order although there is a surcharge to cover the costs of adding gas structs.

Sprung Base

Available with or without drawers, sometimes called a ‘Box Spring’ base this has a sprung top for a deeper more luxurious feel to your bed. Two types are available either Sprung Edge where as the name implies the springs go right to the edge of the base and Firm Edge where there is a firm wooden edge that the springs fit inside. The latter while feeling firmer also provides edge support to the mattress and so is particularly useful on narrower beds when you sleep closer to the edge.

Specifications and Further Options

Divan Base

For ease of access all divan bases can be made in up to four sections (chargeable). By default 3’0 – 3’6 comes in 1 piece with 4’0 and over in 2 pieces.


All Divans bases require basic assembly. Bases are joined in one of three ways;

  • Using C clips; with the base on its side these are pushed into place where the fabric has been stapled back. These are held in place with small wood screws.
  • Linking Bars (Optional); visible on the divan base can be used on larger bases where it may be difficult to fit C clips.
  • Sleeve bolts; The default option for an ottoman to hold both bases and lids together.

Glides or Castors to be pushed in place (once fitted these are not removable) or where a beech leg is to be fitted these are screwed in place. Please note the fabric is not punctured under the base but there will be four staples to help you locate the fixing point.

Supplemental Instructions for Ottomans

  • A metal hoop can be fitted if you find that your mattress slips once the lid is lifted but this isn’t always needed.
  • Side lift ottomans with a headboard are supplied with wooden spacers and longer headboard bolts to set the headboard back.
  • If your ottoman doesn’t have gas structs it will be necessary to connect the lifting springs. Take care when these are fitted as the lid will very quickly pop up without the weight of a mattress on it.

Headboard fixings

All bases come with headboard fixings located in the standard position which is 6″ in from the edge of the base.

Reinforced & Toughened Bases

Divan bases are as standard suitable for customers up to 18 stone and can be further strengthened as needed. A Reinforced base is braced with additional internal timber and has a stronger lid suitable for customers up to 30 stone. Our Toughened base has a solid panelled frame which makes an extremely durable base for customers over 30 stone or where the base may be subject to vandalism.


We have a standard range of upholstery fabrics plus can supply fabrics from various suppliers, please see our fabrics page for more information. Also divans can be cover in customers own material.