Don’t rush to make your bed – why you should air your bed.

There are two types of people in the world, those who make their bed and those who leave it messy, however research indicates that you can be healthier by not making your bed first thing in the morning.

Airing your bed – is it an old wives tale?

Most cities and towns in Europe you will see hanging mattresses and duvets, being aired, this has been linked to an old wives tale that airing your bed daily keeps you healthier. In a time where health is a priority Scientists wanted to separate the myth from the facts.

The study was researched at Kingston University and found that making your bed in the morning trapped, warmth and moisture which makes it a good environment for dust mites, dust mites can produce allergens that can trigger asthma and allergies.

If the bed is left open and exposed to fresh air and sunshine, the dust mites become dehydrated and die, this is why many Europeans hand their bedding and mattresses on balconies or in windows first thing in the morning.

Whilst the old wives tale has some element of truth it mostly affects people with allergies and asthma, however this can affect your immune system and really we don’t want to have dust mites if we can help it. Allergies and breathing difficulties can also prevent you from getting a good nights sleep which we also know can help boost your immunity so although it isn’t direct we would recommend anything to help you stay healthy and get a good nights sleep.


So what can you do to prevent dust mites in bed?

Dust mites are a problem with people who have a dust allergy  so you can help dust allergies by doing these things.

  • Avoid too many carpets, wooden floors with rugs hold much less dust.
  • Keep pets out of your bedroom.
  • Keep windows open and let fresh air and sunshine in.
  • Use hypo allergenic bedding and mite proof bedding
  • Wash bedding regularly in warm water
  • Air your bed regularly
  • Use dust filters in any arid conditioning units.

Although there is no better feeling than getting into a made bed, maybe put off making your bed till later in the day for a more healthy life and better sleep.