How to Buy a Bed Online

buy big bed online

Traditionally making any purchase, you would go to a shop and look at the items before buying from a shop assistant who would talk through the options. Now the internet has revolutionised the way we buy things and many people don’t need to leave the house to buy all essential items.

A big bed is a carefully considered purchase, it is important to pick the correct bed as it isn’t an easy item to deliver or return, however at Longbeds we have made the process as easy as possible.

Choosing the right bed is very important as a good quality bed will last years, and it is an item that you will use every night, and sometimes for the occasional nap too. Your bed needs to fit in with your room as a key focal point, whilst you can change your bedding regularly you bed should be functional as well as stylish but not too fashionable that it won’t last the seasons.

Bed sizes can be daunting, Double bed, single bed, King Sized?  It is important when designing your bedroom that you know the sizes of these beds so you can fit them into your space, and then of course European sizes and stores like IKEA use different measurements, they use metric instead and there are some differences in their standard sizes so buying online can be confusing.

At Longbeds you don’t need to conform to standard sizes, this means we can fit the bed to you,  as our beds are made in the UK we can build the bed to your specifications and then choose from the choices of finish to get the perfect bed.

How to buy a bed online

  • Measure your room
  • Check the sizes of bed
  • Mark out the sizes of the beds in your room to see how well it will fit
  • Choose the bed size you want (check sizes is standard)
  • Choose the bed you want and make sure it is the right finish for your interior design
  • Choose the mattress that you will find most comforting.
  • Check delivery options
  • Purchase online – or speak to a customer service representative to help you finalise your decision

Whilst Longbeds are an online store, we have been making made to measure beds since 1995 and you can speak directly to the team at any time.

Buying a Mattress online

Your bed should last for years and fit in well in your bedroom, however the most important purchase to help you get a good nights sleep is the mattress, it is your mattress that will provide the comfort and support you need, a bad mattress could cause back pain or be too uncomfortable to get to sleep.

Our mattresses are all made in the UK and with our experience we can discuss your particular needs for your mattress, if you suffer from back pain you may need a back care open sprung mattress, you may prefer a memory foam mattress.

Handmade in Yorkshire we can help you decide on the best mattress and all our mattresses come with a 5 year guarantee.