Best gifts for taller people

gifts for taller people

Want to find a gift for your taller loved ones? Tall people are often left disappointed at the traditional gift of socks that can be too small for their larger feet so to make sure you don’t put your ‘foot in it’ when buying gifts why not checkout  some fillers for extra long stockings.

The long and short of gift buying for tall people


Whether you are buying for someone close to you or a secret Santa, we all want to make sure our gift is useful and wanted, taller people may appreciate the extra thought of buying something that makes their life a bit easier and takes into account items in their size aren’t always readily available.

Top gifts for taller people

  • An extra big mug – taller people have larger hands so a larger mug to drink their morning coffee is a much more comfortable brew
  • Shower head extender – showers tend to be standard size so prevent your taller loved one from having to stoop over with a shower extender
  • Longer bedding, blankets and linen – a longer blanket or bedding means a teller person can stretch out without getting cold feet this is always a great gift.
  • Bigger bed – whilst this isn’t something you’ll buy all your friends this is a great gift for a spouse, child, or parent that is taller and you have more budget to treat them.
  • Vouchers for tall clothes shops – taller clothes aren’t that easy to find on the typical high street but there are some great specialist stores such as long tall sally, and Jacamo that specialise in taller clothes, a voucher or some clothes from these stores would be a nice gift
  • Extra long towels – like the longer bedding or longer blankets, longer towels are an item people forget, we all take for granted regular sized towels will wrap us up after a bath or shower but taller people need a bit more.
  • Massage gifts – this is a nice present for anyone but you’d be surprised how often taller people need to stoop down to get through doors, in cars etc this can cause neck and back pain so why not treat them to a massage or spa voucher.
  • Monitor/laptop stand – if your friend is on a computer for work or gaming a lot then get them a monitor stand so they can look directly at the monitor instead of hunching over, this will make it more comfortable and prevent long term injury.
  • Socks – the most traditional Christmas gift, but make sure you buy extra large socks as taller people usually have larger feet.

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