Tips for settling into University dorms

Student dorms university rooms

As September looms many people are preparing for University life, parents are making sure their kids are ready and kids are checking out the social calendars for freshers week. One thing that shouldn’t be overlooked is the student dorms or student accommodation depending on which options you have chosen.

Tips for University accommodation

  • Get there early
  • Label everything you can – pots and pans, food, towels
  • Make sure you have all the essentials before hand, you can pick up a few things but you don’t want to be buying large items or lots of things
  • Be sociable, don’t lock yourself away if you are in your room consider leaving the door open to be sociable to passers-by, use the communal areas to meet people.
  • Make the space your own – bring bedding and home comforts so you feel comfortable and happy
  • Sleep is very important whether you are getting an early night or a lie in after a night out so make sure you have a comfortable bed and consider earplugs.

Decorating your University Dorm

Whether you are in campus dorms or student digs, you still want to make it feel like home and put your stamp on the space.

Student accommodation is much cheaper than normal rentals because you are sharing with other people, you will generally have your own space or dorm, and then shared bathroom, kitchen and sometimes a communal area such as a living room.

For the communal areas you need to be respectful of your dorm/housemates, don’t just hand posters of your favourite band without checking first that all your housemates are happy with it.

Decorating your dorm room

  • Bring your own bedding
  • Bring artwork you can put up without nails
  • Don’t paint or make any permanent changes to your room you will need it to pass inspection when you leave or risk losing your deposit.
  • Don’t bring too many large items, the rooms are usually quite small and space is limited
  • Be smart with storage, under bed storage and stacking boxes are very useful to keep your things in
  • If you bring your own bed and mattress ask the university if they have a store room for the one provided, you will need to return the original bed and mattress when you leave. You can also send this back with your parents if they have room.

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