Summer & Sleeplessness – Tips for Getting to Sleep in Hot Weather

Summer & Sleeplessness - Tips for Getting to Sleep in Hot Weather

How to sleep in Hot weather – Sleep Well This Summer

No matter what the weather throws at us, it’s always a default topic of conversation . During cooler times of the year, there’s often nothing better than curling up in the warmth and cosiness or our comfortable beds, but during the summer, it can get so warm that we’ll restlessly toss and turn on even the most comfortable beds and mattresses. So how do we make sure that we’re able to sleep in hot weather?


Tips for how to get a good nights sleep in hot weather

In the UK, our houses are built for keeping heat in, they’re well built and well insulated, usually equipped with efficient and effective plumbed in central heating systems, all of which allows them to cope well with the plummeting temperatures of the winter.  Where they’re not quite so successful, is dispersing heat when it gets too warm. In warmer parts of the world, air conditioning systems are fairly commonplace, but very few UK houses have them. Similarly lockable external mesh screens on doors and windows in warmer climes allow doors and windows to be left wide open while remaining secure and keeping out insects. Again, these are almost unheard of over here.

Unfortunately, a drop in temperature is a trigger for sleep and it can be very difficult for us to get good quality sleep, or any sleep at all when the heat of a summers day persists into the night time.

  • It seems counter intuitive, but eating hot spicy food can help cool you down. In fact, many of the spicy foods, tellingly, have their origins in hot countries. – Spicy food makes you sweat and sweat is our body’s natural cooling mechanism, so making your evening meals hotter might help keep you cooler.
  • Keeping your workouts to earlier in the day means that you have the rest of the day to allow your core temperature to drop back to normal levels. If you take protein supplements, be aware that these make your metabolism to work faster, which once again keeps your internal temperature high, so take these earlier int he day as well.
  • Stay well hydrated throughout the day. When it’s warm, you lose water through sweating and staying hydrated allows your body to regulate its temperature at peak efficiently, so keep sipping.
  • Investing in quality cotton bedding and nightwear can help keep you cool at night thanks to its superior breathability.
  • The hot water bottle you have for the winter doesn’t have to contain hot water, you can use it for cold water too and even crushed ice if the next is wide enough. Consider putting it in the freezer for a while before bed, but don’t over fill it or it may split.
  • Keep your shower before bed as cool as you can comfortably tolerate, but not so cold as to make you shiver (your body’s emergency heating reflex).
  • A quick way to cool down is to run the cold tap and position the undersides of your wrists so that the cold water flows over them. Your blood vessels are close to the surface on your inner wrists, so your blood will be cooled slightly as it passes, which will, in turn,cool down the rest of your body.
  • Keeping (quiet) fans in the bedroom keeps the air moving and allows heat to transfer more efficiently. A spritz from a plant mister on exposed skin can help to cool you down even quicker.
  • Heat rises, so if you have any downstairs bedrooms, you should find them a few degrees cooler than upstairs.


Get to sleep in hot weather and stay asleep

With a little thought and preparation, it’s more than possible to drop your temperature down a little to allow you to fall asleep more easily so that you can get to sleep in hot weather. But keeping to a comfortable temperature is only one part of achieving a restful nights sleep, you also need a bed that is comfortable and supportive so that once you do drop off, you’re less likely to awaken due to discomfort or shallow sleep.

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