Is it time for a New Mattress? Invest in new Springs This Spring

Is it time for a New Mattress? Invest in new Springs This Spring

Nothing lasts forever, which is especially so of mattresses. Although good¬†quality mattresses do tend to last far longer. If you’ve had your old mattress for more than a few years, chances are that it might be starting to become less supportive and perhaps it’s time to start thinking about investing in a new mattress, before it deteriorates much further.


How do I know I need a new mattress?

A new mattress should be as comfortable as it is supportive. If you cast your mind back to when you last had a new mattress, do you recall having night after night of deep, refreshing sleep? Do you remember waking up each morning feeling refreshed and renewed? Has it been a while since you last felt that way? If so, them maybe it’s time for a change.

Why not choose Spring, the annual time of renewal as a time to get some new springs of your own and invest in a new mattress so you can wake up renewed as well?

If your mattress is so old and worn that you can feel lumps where the springs have started to wear through the material, or can either see or feel a discernible sag in the middle, then once again, it’s probably well past time to replace it with a new mattress.

If you regularly wake up in the morning feeling sore, tired or with backache which gradually wears off once you’ve been up and about for a while, once again, it could well be your tired old mattress that’s the culprit.


Why Should I Get a New Mattress?

Sleep time is precious time. While our bodies are capable of conducting ‘repairs’ on the go, the majority of the biological processes involved in repair and renewal happen when we’re asleep. The better we sleep, the better our bodies recover from the day’s trials and tribulations and a quality mattress in good condition is key to making sure that we get the kind of quality sleep we can only achieve if we’re fully relaxed, comfortable and properly supported as we slumber.

We spend up to a third of our lives in bed, so with this in mind, it’s of paramount importance that we get the best bed and the best mattress we possibly can in order to stay happy and healthy.

At Longbeds, we’re experts when it comes to giving you a goon night’s sleep. We create bespoke beds and mattresses in both standard and non-standard sizes from only the best quality materials, so you can be sure that a new mattress from us will be as supremely comfortably as it isupportive, giving you the best night’s sleep you’ve likely had in some time.

Contact us, or browse our range to find a bed and mattress combination that’s best for you.