Is your back pain being caused by your old mattress?

Is your back pain being caused by your old mattress?

Do you wake up with back pain? Your mattress could be to blame

If you’re finding yourself waking up in the morning, stiff and with a sore back despite having had done nothing the day before to cause that back pain, consider your mattress as the likely culprit, perhaps it’s time to consider a new mattress?


Waking up with back pain which soon disappears

When you first open your eyes in the morning, does it regularly take a few minutes before you can move without making involuntary ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ to accompany your motion? If getting out of bed is accompanied with stiffness, which disappears soon after you’re out of bed and have had a chance to stretch, then it may well be your bed itself which is causing your back pain.

Mattresses don’t last forever and even the best mattresses should be replaced after seven to ten years. This being the point where coils which were once supportive have stated to loose their spring, or have started to wear through the fabric of the mattress to poke you while you sleep. A worn out mattress will affect your sleeping position and mean that your body doesn’t adjust into a neutral relaxed posture as you slumber.

Similarly a mattress that isn’t worn out, but is too firm can prevent you from fully sinking into it, while a mattress that’s too soft will let you sink too deeply without giving you the support you need. both are likely to leave you waking up sore.

Also consider whether your mattress is long enough for you. Standard bed sizes haven’t  changed for many decades, but average heights have increased significantly. If you find that your feet are hanging awkwardly over the end of any bed you sleep on, you’ll naturally be sleeping awkwardly too, the precursor to back pain.


Get a great mattress to prevent waking up with back pain

At Longbeds, we provide fabulously comfortable, bespoke beds to suit people and bedrooms of all shapes and sizes. With mattresses and beds of different types which can be made to order, or a range of ‘standard’ oversized beds, we can provide a bed that’s perfect for you.

If you’re tall and accustomed to sleeping in a bed which is too short for you, a bed from us may well give you the best night’s sleep you’ve had in years.

Say goodbye to back pain and invest in your own comfort with a bespoke bed from Longbeds.