Are Standard Bed Sizes Long Enough?

Are Standard Bed Sizes Long Enough?

Tall Person Problems – is Your Bed Too Short?

If you’ve ever experienced a sleepless night wishing your bed was just a little bit bigger so that your feet don’t hang over the edge, you’re not alone. The standardised bed sizes we currently have were introduced in the early to mid 20th Century and while being perfectly adequate for average heights at the time, people are largely taller (an average of nearly 4″ taller) than they used to be and as such the present standardised bed sizes are no longer large enough for a growing percentage of the population. We should really have bigger beds than are currently available.

Standardised beds have a double bed as 6′ 3″ long, with King Size beds being only a little longer at 6′ 6″ long. While in the 1950’s, someone who was too large for these bed sizes was fairly uncommon, but today, given that men’s average height is around 5′ 10″ now, that doesn’t leave much space between you and headboard if you don’t want your ankles hanging over the edge. Given that being over six feet tall isn’t at all unusual anymore, this means that that for some of us, overhang is just a fact of life.


Don’t wait for bed sizes to catch up

If you’re getting fed up waiting for standards to change, don’t sleep in discomfort a moment longer. At Longbeds, we specialise in making bespoke beds, mattresses and bedding for people who are taller than standardised bed sizes accommodate. Unlike traditional bed manufacturers, our own ‘standard’ bed length is 7′ 3″ and we can offer a width of 8′, but don’t let that limit you, we can make a bed of practically any size or shape.

For a bed that’s not only long enough to allow you to fully stretch out without leaving the mattress, but so unbelievably comfortable that you won’t want to get off it, then why not check out the range of options we have available and when you’re ready to make you choice, get in touch with us to arrange for a totally bespoke bed which will give you the best sleep of your life.