Bedroom Design – Top Tips For A Restful Room

Bedroom Design - Top Tips For A Restful Room

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Bedroom Design Basics

While every bedroom is as individual as the people who sleep in them, there are some things which everyone should consider when remodelling the room in which they spend about a third of their life.

It goes without saying that the main purpose of a bedroom is to be slept in, so a bedroom which isn’t conducive to a good nights sleep is a poor bedroom indeed. When designing your dream bedroom, there a few factors which will are likely to make your new bedroom the most relaxing place you’ve ever had the pleasure to sleep in,


Peace and quiet

Too much noise makes it difficult to go to sleep and can easily wake you when you do drift off. Your bedroom should be as quiet as possible, so make sure you close doors where possible, install double glazing if you can to limit noise coming in from outside. Of course, you should also avoid bringing noise in with you, mobile phones being the most obvious.


Dim lights and darkness

As diurnal creatures, we’re predisposed to feel most alert when it’s light and drowsy in the dark. Take advantage of this by having dim lights in the bedroom and use blackout curtains to make sure that when the lights go out, your bedroom is cocooned in velvety darkness.


Keep your bedroom cool

It’s not always easy to control the temperature of a room, but if at all possible, try to keep your bedroom a little on the cool side. Our bodies naturally cool when we sleep, so having a lower temperature in the bedroom, to begin with, can help you drift off that bit faster and more comfortably.


Invest in a quality bed and bedding

A worn out mattress or poorly made bed will reduce the number of hours sleep you get and also reduce the quality of the sleep you do manage to catch. No matter how peaceful your bedroom is, or how carefully you’ve planned your bedroom design, you’re not likely to get a good nights sleep unless your bed is comfortable.

Given that most of us spend around a third of our lives in bed, it makes sense to invest in the best. At Longbeds, we don’t just supply beds, we make them to order.

For people who want a bed that’s not just good enough, but perfect, in every way, along with bespoke mattresses and bedding to match, get in touch with us to discuss your needs. Anything else is just a compromise.

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