What is a pocket sprung mattress and why should I consider one?

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Pocket sprung mattresses

While there are numerous types of mattresses, you may have seen the term ‘pocket spring’ or ‘pocket sprung‘ listed as a feature. Typically such mattresses are set at a higher price point indicating a superior product. But what are pocket springs and are pocket sprung mattresses better?


Pocket springs – how do they differ?

Construction differences

In a traditionally sprung (open coil) mattress, the springs which support you while you’re sleeping are attached to a  wire frame around the outside and attached to each other within it. Consequently, a movement in one spring will affect that of its neighbour. In a shared bed, therefore, the movement of one person can be felt by another and over time there;’s a tendency for these mattress types to dip in the middle.

A pocket spring mattress is constructed differently. While the metal springs are still there, there are typically more of them and each spring is enclosed in a material ‘pocket’ (think a large spring in a sock) and all the enclosed springs are arranged adjacent to each other without being attached. This allows each individual spring to move independently and with that being the case, movement on one side of a bed is less likely to be felt on the other.

While it’s possible to get a great night’s sleep on a quality mattress of either variety, once you’ve slept on a pocket spring mattress, you’re unlikely to want to go back.

Material quality is just as important

As with all things, the quality of the materials used is as important as the method of construction. While a pocket sprung mattress will usually outlast an open coil mattress and offer superior support when made with similar materials, a cheaply made pocket spring mattress can still be inferior to a quality open coil.

At Longbeds, we only use the finest fabrics and springs, so you be assured that whichever mattress type you select, you’ll be investing in the best quality mattress constructed to our exacting standards and you may depend upon them to provide you with many years of comfort.


Which is right for me?

While there are several factors which might influence your choice of mattress, the primary consideration between open coil and pocket sprung mattresses is usually price. In either circumstance, we can tailor a mattress to suit your needs in terms of size and firmness.

Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements, whether large or small, soft or firm, standard or bespoke, we can provide the perfect mattress for you.