Don’t Vex your Valentine – Give the gift of a Good Nights Sleep

valentine's day sleep

Sleep well this Valentine’s night

Sharing a bed with your significant other is more than just an added benefit of two lives lovingly shared. Sleeping in the same bed has been shown to be associated with better health and even longer life when compared with those who don’t.

Your bed should be a place for dreams not dramas

While the age-old arguments over who does and doesn’t snore, which of you is guilty of constantly hogging the sheets and of course whether it’s too hot or too cold may never be settled, there’s no argument about the fact that a good night’s sleep is as good for your health as it is for your relationship. So, this Valentine’s day, take a moment to consider whether the place you spend the most time with your other half is only half the bed you deserve.


Is your bed too small?

The  4’6″ width of a traditional double bed is usually far too small for most couples. Divided in half, this gives each partner only 2’3″ of space to call their own. ‘The Sleep Council’ advises that if partners lie in bed with their hands behind their head, the bed is too small if either their elbows touch, or overhand the edge of the mattress.

On Valentine’s day, you, of course, want to fall asleep in one another’s arms, so a tiny bed is more than enough. However, as endearing as it is to be big and little spoons, what happens if one of the spoons is far warmer than the other and the cooler spoon needs to gently slip away or risk melting?

Most people move well over 50 times in a night, even more-so for those inclined to restlessness. To avoid the risk of our movements disturbing our partners, it’s essential that there’s space to turn over or stretch and a double bed really isn’t sufficient. Some nights you like to cuddle, other nights you just need to starfish, make sure your bed is large enough to allow you do either without disturbing your other half.

When buying bed linen, it’s normal to pick a size that’s made for the bed size we’re buying for. An inadequately sized bed will normally. therefore, be accompanied with an inadequately sized quilt and quilt cover. When one partner turns, it’s likely that that the quilt will get dragged along for the ride, leaving the other partner, quite literally, with the cold shoulder!


Is your bed worn out?

There’s always one partner who sleeps more lightly than the other and if you’re the other one, it’s usually a careful affair if you need to get up in the night without waking your partner.

If your bed is old, this can be quite a challenge. Worn out springs can cause that sag in the middle making you roll together overnight. Worn out padding can make it feel like some of those springs are getting close to poking through, making both of you sleep more restlessly.

A good quality supportive mattress, however, will go a long way to making sure that neither of you feels the movement of the other, no matter what the difference in size and weight.


Love the place you sleep

At Longbeds, we provide the absolute best bespoke beds for you and your partner. With a range of slumber stations which go well beyond Kingsize, you can sleep with the partner of your dreams without interrupting their dreaming.

You’re sure to love one of our beds nearly as much as you love each other, so why not get in touch and make a good nights sleep the Valentine’s gift you both deserve?