Getting comfy with Game of Thrones.

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The Long winter requires some long beds for some of the taller Westerosi charachters, which taller than average charachters need a long bed for a good nights sleep.

With Westeros bracing itself for a long winter, dwindling food stocks and the occasional White Walker, residents could be forgiven for turning their thoughts to a spot of hibernation.

After all what could be better than waiting out the storm in a nice comfy bed, protected by a snuggly duvet?
Sounds almost blissful (is it nearly bedtime yet?), but from what we’ve seen of Westeros, comfort is pretty hard to come by, particularly if you are of ‘non-standard’ size.

The Mountain – 6 foot 9 inches

Take the Mountain for example. Admittedly we haven’t seen him in any position other than standing (usually by Cersei’s side, looking menacing). Although not -strictly human (you could say the same of Cersei), or even strictly alive, he must surely need to go horizontal at some point…

And that throws up an interesting question, where in Westeros would you find a bed big enough to accommodate his 6 ft 9 inches frame?
Even Cersei’s pet Maester, Qyburn, struggled to find an adequately sized table on which to resurrect the Mountain, and, if hibernation is really on the cards, gravity alone would take its toll on the table, if not the Mountain!

But what of Westeros’ other tall residents?

We took our tape measure to some other popular characters to see who else might struggle to get cosy in a standard size world.

Lady Brienne of Tarth 6 foot 3 inches

First up Lady Brienne of Tarth. Forget even a standard UK double here, at a mere 6 ft, 3 inches they are exactly the same length as the Lady herself, meaning that she would have to literally wedge herself between head and foot boards every time she wanted a snooze. And we want her well rested, no one wants to run into a sleep deprived Lady B!

Jon Snow 5 foot 7 inches

Next we have the mighty Jon Snow, who despite his prowess on the battle field, measures up at a far more modest 5 ft 7 inches.

However, if Ghost decides to hunker down at his side for the long night, they are going to need a considerably bigger bed!

Direwolves in the books are as big as a small horse and can measure 6 ft plus from paw to ear! However, with widths of up to 8’ and lengths of 7’3 available, Jon and Ghost could easily cuddle up in comfort on a long bed.


And, whilst Lord Tyrion might well have plenty of wriggle room in a standard sized single, he could invite two or three similar sized friends around if he scaled up to a long bed.

Lying horizontally, they could all stretch out in the utmost comfort. Just think of the cost savings on fuel with all that body heat!

Should Wun Weg Wun comes to visit then the solution is simple, two maximum sized long beds put together can easily accommodate his 14 ft frame with inches to spare!
So as the White Walkers continue their journey South and Cersei tightens her grip on the Kingdom, the only sensible option is to dive deep under the covers in a snoozetime solution that is a perfect fit for your needs. And, relax …