Summer sleeping tips

The clocks have gone forward again and we are well into spring but Long Beds knows that it can be very difficult between now and summer to be able to find that right temperature balance to get a good night’s sleep. So we have put together some top tips to help get you the best nights sleep possible.


Watch what you eat before bedtime

The last thing you want to do at night is get into your large bed and struggle to sleep because you’re eaten food that isn’t settling in your stomach well. If you’re hankering for a bedtime snack or beverage, don’t just grab the first thing that sounds good, make sure you avoid fast food or fizzy drinks.

Everything you eat or drink through the day has an effect on your body eating or drinking the wrong types of food can make you restlessness or alertness. Avoid drinks high in sugars and try not to drink anything with caffeine in after 5pm.

Remember that eating and drinking a lot before bed can make you feel bloated and weighed down which can be the difference between having a good night’s sleep.

Switch off

Don’t stay on your tablet, laptop or smart phone late into the evening. A few hours before bed, put your phone on silent so that your mind can begin to switch off, and you won’t be interrupted by constant messages. Plus, the light from your phone screen can make it harder to fall asleep when you get into bed.

Most people will do “one last check” of social media, emails and texts before bed. These final checks can sometimes go on for hours when you find something interesting and move from one  social media platform onto the next until you realise the time and have to sleep.

Try to keep your phone away from your bed and only accessing it when you are out of bed eliminates this problem. Even something as simple as having your phone charger on the other side of the room can force to keep your phone on charge and away from you for the duration of the night.

Bedroom Aspects

Your general bedroom layout goes a long way in being able to support your night’s sleep. The most important thing you can do in your bedroom layout is to close the blinds completely.

Then it is important to position your beds properly, place your bed in a common middle ground in your room with approximately the same distance between the windows and the radiator. This will ensure there is neutral and non-overwhelming temperature, whilst also giving you a little space to be able to move your bed either way on a particularly hot or cold night.

Position your TV where you can see if from lying down. This way you don’t have to sit up and force yourself to stay awake whilst watching TV. Some people think that falling to sleep is OK but in reality it all depends on what you’re watching. If you always watch TV before bed try and put something on that is not so interesting leaving you to become bored and fall asleep.

Keep to a schedule

Maintaining a consistent bedtime is a great way to tire yourself out. Once you work out how much sleep you need each night, try to maintain a bedtime schedule as much as possible. This way you are more likely to drift off easier and wake up the next day feeling refreshed. A very easy and effortless way to ensure a great nights sleep.

Make Sure You Have The Correct Bedding

When it comes to summer time it’s time to change your underlay to something thinner. By changing your quilt to a lower tog or just sleeping in a sheet this should help. It’s also a good idea to get thinner pillows so that you do not sink into the pillows and they do not have as much heat within them. The small things like this go a long way in the bedroom to dramatically change the temperature and in turn make it a lot more comfortable to sleep in for you.

Keep the room temperature cool

Keeping the temperature of the room at a cool level before you sleep can be a very great way to fall asleep during summer. By keeping your room at a cool temperate it can be refreshing and make you feel a lot more comfortable in your room. This should allow you to drift off quicker in your long bed.