The Top Sleep Blogs You Should be Reading

Whether you are learning how to help your infant sleep through the night or you personally need a new long bed, we want to help you achieve a better night’s sleep into your household. So here at the top sleeping blogs, you should be reading.

top sleeping blogs

Here are the top sleeping blogs to follow in 2017.

The Better Sleep Guide

The Better Sleep Guide covers topics such as stages of sleep, dreaming, healthy sleep habits, sleep resources, snoring, CPAP equipment, snore pillows, snoring causes, how to stop snoring, and sleep disorders such as insomnia, sleep apnea, and more.


Sleepio is dedicated to providing its readers with the most up to date research and information available. With a goal of helping one million people find their way back to great mental health by 2020. This blog has some great advice on helping people who struggle with sleep. They often have some great home remedies to try and spend time looking into research of facts and stats of sleep.

The National Sleep Foundation is what powers which allows it to cover exclusive topics such as, “maximising sleep during summer travel” and “foods to eat to get a good night’s sleep”. Both of these are blogs on the website that have been shared by thousands. On this blog, you are sure to find the unique advice you may be looking for.

 Sleeping resources

Matthew Proctor is the founder of Sleeping Resources and he began his blog in 2011 to help a friend who suffers from chronic insomnia. The blog has grown massively over the last 6 years and now he is dedicated to providing up to date resources for anyone looking for support and more information.


Restonic discusses everything from finding the best mattress for your individual needs to methods to implement into your daily life that is proven to help you get a better nights rest. This is truly a versatile blog that you won’t want to miss.

Very Well

Very Well is a blog with a plethora of topics dedicated to helping individuals everywhere take steps toward a better night sleep. You will find a wide variety of blogs on topics like common sleep disorders, sleep and health, causes of insomnia, and even what kind of health your healthcare should provide.

The Sleeping Blog

Here you will find a variety of topics that may cause you to lay awake at night such as divorce, relationships, bedroom issues, money, sex, sleeping alone, parenting, and even infidelity, along with advice on how to cope. It’s safe to say that because of the variety of topics you should be able to find the answers you are looking for


Sleep Hub

The Sleep Hub’s motto is, “Sleep Well, Be well.” The believe that sleep is paramount to healthy and happy living, so they have taken the liberty to dedicate their blog to both the science of sleep medicine and the wellness of healthy living.

Sleep Easily

This blog was created by Dr. Shane, who writes sleep research articles and helpful tips for sleeping better. He discusses a variety of topics from keeping electronics off close to bed time to tips for people suffering from to insomnia. He also shares tips on cognitive therapy practices.

Sleep Junkies

Sleep Junkies is a research-based blog dedicated to compiling relevant articles to getting a better night sleep all in one convenient location. They provide sleep news, views, interviews, devices you can buy to aid your sleep and more.

The Sleep Lady

The Sleep Lady, Kim West, is exactly who it sounds like she is- a guru on sleep with 17 years experience! She particularly focuses on infant sleep and alternatives methods to “crying it out”. She approaches sleep with a gentle method that trains your infant to have good sleep habits while also encouraging strong parent-child attachment.

The Sleep Sense

Dana Obleman, a parenting and sleep consultant, answers questions in her blog on helping your children sleep better from newborn age through childhood. In addition to her sleep training method, she also discusses advice for parents of fussy eaters as well as help with potty training.

Stolen Sleep

Emily-Jane Clark provides a fresh perspective into childhood sleep patterns and is bold about her views. She provides helpful tips from the best bedding for a good nights sleep to resources for parents to use to help their children sleep easy.

We hope this blog guide has been helpful and will provide you with answers to any questions you have ever had about sleep patterns and getting better rest.