Why Your Pokémon Collection Need Longbeds

Why Your Pokémon Collection Need Longbeds

Pokémon Go seems to be a virtual reality that is taking the world by storm and with millions of people playing every day worldwide has anybody stopped to consider the welfare of their Pokémon collection? Whether it is your common Rattata, dangerous Kabutops or the more majestic Articuno these animals were once wild and it is important to be able to give them enough room to relax when they are not battling with other Pokémon or ripping up gyms.


Dragonite is a large flying Pokémon who is capable of circling the entire planet in just 16 hours and is renowned for using his speed and flying abilities for good as they’ve been spotted aiding ships and planes in distress along with picking up and dropping off a number of aid boxes for the poor and hungry. In turn, it is only fair that he gets an amazing place to be able to relax where he can feel comfortable and not caged up in your phone or a Pokéball.

Dragonite is a large 2.2 metres on average so can find himself very comfortable in a Longbeds bed as we can just about cater for this size.


Aggron is a huge 57 stone, so it is important for him to be able to take the weight off with a strong and sturdy bed during the evenings. This solid stone Pokémon has a reinforced metal head and therefore has no need for a headboard but still needs a large bed as he reaches 6’11”. We recommend you pick up our flush studio bed frame as it has a solid Scandinavian pine build; in turn would be able to handle this huge weight for a very long time. Better yet it has a 5’0″ width which allows Aggron to move around in the night freely and not been too confined to his bed.


This Pokémon seems to be a mystery to just about everybody. Although many people seem to think that this Pokémon is a female, it in fact does not have a gender and is a lot tougher then it first looks at a glance. The Pokémon is a tall 6’7″ weighing a total of 19 stone. This may seem like a lot but with the thick bones and tall toned build of the Pokémon, it is very nimble and agile indeed. So much so in fact that this Pokémon is actually one of the toughest Pokémon in the world and can very easily defend itself against attacks from just about anything or anyone.

Mewtwo is also one of the most intellectual Pokémon an is able of learning and gaining education the same way that a human does so in turn carries a bit more personality in its choice of beds. The Ottoman Base is probably your best bet for this Pokémon as that way it has somewhere it can store its armour whilst also loving the look of the bed as the ottoman seems to be an all round pleaser for people.


The Sceptile is a grass Pokémon that has short legs with a tall built upper torso. It has a height of 1.7 metres, which makes it averagely sized for a Pokémon coming to a total height of 5’7″. However, when it sleeps it places its tail downwards along the bed and in turn can reach significantly larger heights when it comes to measuring up for a bed. This Pokémon tends to opt for the standard base as it allows it to be able to store any of its findings such as branches or food in the draws below, putting them at an easy reach.


This is a Pokémon evolution of the common buffalo and in turn carries the same tendencies as a buffalo or a bull. Its large weight and very small yet muscular legs mean that it has a lot of difficulty in terms of climbing on top of a bed and for that reason; we recommend it sleep on the shallow base as it has a very study build with a low sleeping position. However, do be careful when it comes time to wake him up, as these Pokémon tend to get very grumpy and charge if they are annoyed.

If you have any other Pokémon or simply want to take a look through our range of beds then take a look at our site to be able to explore what we have on offer for yourself.