Inventions’ That Help You Sleep

Inventions' That Help You Sleep

The world we live in today offers thousands of different inventions to be able to help you sleep better at night. However, a wide variety of these inventions are simply not effective or do not work at all. So we have brought you some of the best pieces of technology we have came across in our experience that have worked wonders for people trying to get the most out of their slumber; take a look.

Fitness Trackers

Although the main use for a fitness tracker is obviously fitness, there is usually a wide range of functionality within the tracker you can make use of, the most important one here being the asleep tracking. An amazing example of a good quality fitness tracker would be FitBit or JawBone, both of which offer services which monitor your sleep patterns, restlessness, sleep cycle and other aspects of your sleep to be able to let you know exactly when to sleep to make the most of your night.

LongBeds Bed

A LongBeds Bed is an obvious addition to this list, with huge benefits in aesthetics, comfort, space and temperature neutrality. Making the longbeds bed a perfect addition if you are trying to achieve that perfect sleep.

The high level of comfort brought to you from the sturdy finish and high-class materials used ensure that the bed itself gives you one of the best sleeps you have ever had. When this is combined with the huge amount of added space and the selection of sheets and bedding ranging in thickness to suit your temperature, it’s no wonder LongBeds help so many people sleep every night.


Sleepio is an app that allows you to be able to get feedback on your sleep and in turn get given ways to improve it. You will be shown charts and graphs to be able to see how your sleep is improving over a prolonged period and in turn, you will be able to build on your improvements and ensure you are getting the most from your nights rest.

Brookstone Bed Fan

The Brookstone Bed Fan is a simple invention for those who get too hot in the night under the sheets, yet love to be covered in sheets during the night for comfort. The fan its self has an adjustable head to be able to higher or lower its self accordingly, you can then in turn keep the control on the side of your bed and simply press it when you’re too hot or cold. This in turn causes the fan head to slide under your sheets and begin to blow air under the blanket.

It may sound like a strange idea but it only blows the air gently and the air is not so cold that it is uncomfortable, in turn making the product amazing.

If you have any tech ideas or have seen something recently you thought looked cool, why not let us know in the comments section below.