Is Your Bed Killing You?

Is Your Bed Killing You?

Many people seem to get into bed and drift off to sleep without giving their bed a second thought. However, what if we told you that you could actually be in danger every time you lie on your bed and you could avoid this danger by simply nipping out and buying a few items once every year or two?¬†Although your old mattress from 1998 and your pillows you’ve had since you moved into your home don’t seem dangerous, they are. Here is why you should replace your bed with a newer and safer luxury bedding accessories.


Your mattress supports you through around 33% of your entire life and in turn, it is important to ensure that it is something you invest in properly and maintain as best as you can. Contrary to popular belief, a mattress is supposed to be changed every 5 to 10 years depending on the quality and in turn, if you have a mattress older than ten years you could be seriously damaging your body. Poor support on your mattress can leave you with damaged muscles due to high levels of tension and ill support when you are lay down. It can also cause other problems such as cramps and back aches if you use an old massage for a prolonged period of time. These sorts of injuries make it worthwhile buying a new mattress and avoiding any problems.


Roughly, 82% of people did not know they had to change their quilts and 73% of people have quilts that are out of date, so if you are only hearing this for the first time then there is no need to worry. Your quilt should in theory be replaced every 6 months for seasonality, you should be using a high tog in the winter combined with a low tog in the summer and switching these throughout the seasons for 3 years until you should get rid of both of them and buy others.

This however is simply an average time for a duvet and it can be more or less time depending on the quality of the duvet. If you want to be able to keep your duvet for longer before it begins to lose its build and warmth, and then look through our high quality duvets.


Your bedding is meant to be thrown out after 200 uses, which in turn equates to throwing out your bedding roughly once a year if you are switching two sets around as you clean them. This allows you to be able to ensure the bedding remains soft and does not begin to be worn or start irritating your skin.  Furthermore, after this length of time, there is a lot of trapped dirt that is stuck in the bedding, even when it has been washed a lot. This means if you have allergies or you have sensitive skin then you can come out in rashes and spots very easily.


Your pillow is one of the most important things you should change alongside your mattress. If you leave your pillow for too long then you will begin to feel the lack of padding in the pillow and in turn you may suffer from problems with your neck and higher back. This is simply down to your pillow losing its plump nature over time and beginning to deflate, which then causes your head to rest on a bad angle. An old pillow can also give you signs of acne whilst also giving acne and signs of allergic reactions as they trap dusts and pollen.

Your pillow should be replaced every year, preferably during the beginning of autumn. You tend to perspire a lot during your sleep, more so in the summer so if you are to change your pillows at the end of summer you will have nice new clean ones that can see you into the more chilled cooler months.

If you are looking to replace your duvet, pillow or anything else then why not take a look through what we have through our range, to be able to see if any of our custom made luxury beds or bedding is for you?