Picking the Right Mattress for You

memory foam mattress

When it comes to choosing the right mattress for you, there is so much on offer it can be very difficult. Here’s a little rough guide to our mattresses, if you can’t find what you’re looking for simply give us a call and we can advise you on the options available for you.

Memory Foam Mattress

A Memory Foam Mattress is a mattress which either has a layer of memory foam on the top and bottom, or a mattress which is completely made of memory foam. Memory foam its self is a temperature sensitive material which when heated will mould around your body, which in turn means that your body heat will allow you to sink into the bed slightly and relax as the bed moulds to your shape. You can get memory foam mattress’ that are different levels of hardness to be able to be better suited to your needs. However, Memory Foam is best suited for those who feel cold during the night or those who suffer from back problems as memory foam can shape around the body adding support, whilst also conserving heat for the body.

Standard Mattress

Our standard mattress is your more simplistic, quilted and sprung mattress for if you like a more old school approach to a good night’s sleep. It comprises of a large amount of interwoven springs that support a layer of Damask and the user through the night and gives a harder feel for the user. This is perfect for those who like a firm mattress or that are on a budget.

Moulton Mattress

Moulton Mattress’ are a nine-inch thick blend of duo pad insulators and thermal bond fillers. This in turn gives you a thick and insulating mattress that is available in three levels of firmness. This is perfect for those who suffer with feeling cold in the night or those who like a softer mattress as its sponge like nature and deep level make it soft.

Colonial Mattress

The Colonial Mattress is one of the firmest mattress’ you will be able to get a hold of within our range. The mattress it’s self is a ten inch deep mattress that is comprised of layers of insulating padding and thick thermal bonding. This in turn gives it the firm and thermal feel. It also maintains its vented and harder nature, through having brass vents for it to be able to re-inflate its self as you get out of bed and in turn retain its shape throughout the day when you’re not lay on it. This is perfect for anybody who wants a very firm and warm mattress to be able to attain a comfortable night’s sleep.

Regent Mattress

Our Regent Mattress is 11 inches in depth and is hand sown in Yorkshire. This mattress is comprised of layers of cotton and individually packed pocketed springs to stop them fusing together. The mattress its self comes as mid way between soft and firm and gives the user a good combination of medium heat and medium firmness to be able to give them an amazing all round mattress. This is perfect for those who are very particular about their needs and like a bed neither too soft, too hard, too cold nor too warm.

Latex Mattress

Our Latex Mattress is comprised of multiple layers of latex that make up the mattress. This in turn means that the mattress is a lot more durable than other types of mattress and will last a lot longer before becoming worn and tired. Therefore, although it is a little more expensive it usually works out a little cheaper over a prolonged period. Latex mattresses are not as warm as normal mattress’ so are perfect if you are looking for something that is a little cooler than normal. They are also fairly softer than other mattresses so if you are looking for something cool and soft they are perfect for you.

Balmoral Mattress

The Balmoral Mattress is the softest in our range by a fair distance and is a favourite to our clients. The Balmoral is comprised of six natural fabrics; these include Cashmere, Lamb wool, hair and contract cotton.  Whilst being a soft mattress is also maintains a high level of durability and craftsmanship, holding four layers of stitching around the edges of a high quality Damask cover. This is perfect for those who wants a perfect temperature on a soft mattress as it has the highest specification of any mattress in our range and in turn is the perfect addition to any bed.

Why not take a look at our full range of mattresses to see what we have available?