What Makes a LongBeds Bed?

Here at LongBeds we understand that when it comes to buying a bed there are many different places you can go from the standard bed tailor store to a high street discount bed store. However, there are many characteristics that you get with a bed when you purchase it from LongBeds. Things like quality assurance, ethical sourcing and a warranty all come as a given.

LongBeds Materials

When you buy a LongBeds bed, we will use only the best resources and materials we can source to be able to ensure the best possible quality for yourself and your home.

Scandinavian Pine

This Nordic Redwood Timer is sourced throughout Sweden, Finland and parts of Russia, its location of growth means it has adapted and evolved to even the most brutal and harsh conditions the world has to throw at it. These characteristics make is one of the best materials to be able to use for a bed, as it is as strong and sturdy as it is aesthetically pleasing.

Hollow Fibre

Hollow Fibre is a type of polyester that traps heat, its hollow as air inside that is warmed up by your body heat then kept in the sheet via the thermal nature of the material. This in turn means that as you sleep your heat is trapped within your bed and in turn makes the entire bed warmer through the night; giving you a more comfortable night’s sleep.

LongBeds Longer Beds

As you could have guessed by reading our store name, LongBeds specialises in beds that are bigger than your usual bed.


Our beds come at a longer length than your usual beds, this means that if you are very tall or simply have a larger than average room, you can get a bed to match. All of our beds come in lengths that are completely customisable to your specific needs and if you require something longer or short than what is on offer, all you need to do is give us a call and we will see what we can work out.


When it comes to sleeping in bed with a partner or simply wanting more room to manoeuvre, LongBeds is a specialist. We supply beds up to and including 8 foot, which gives you maximised space. This also means you and your partner have almost double the amount of space to move about than you would get in a normal bed and with your partner moving around 60-70 times in their sleep it makes for an amazing night’s sleep.

Production Process

When it comes to producing the best quality beds and extras for our clientele, we only used the best quality resources for our product. This high quality finish in all of our beds proves this and we pride ourselves highly on our craftsmanship and bespoke service.

Mattress Hand Made In Yorkshire

Our ranges of mattresses have been hand made in the rural British county Yorkshire. Yorkshire its self is world famous for its wool and cotton trade and offers some of the most high-class cottons and wools in the world. Yorkshires renowned for quality and luxuriousness means we put our trust in them to supply you with the very best mattresses on the market.

Machinery German Made

German made machinery and their high quality approach to everything they build, means there is nowhere better to source our machinery for our beds. The Ottoman Style bed has German made moving parts to ensure it is built to last and even has gas struts to be able to make it easy to pull the lid open.

Cheshire Craftsmanship on Hardwood Beds

Cheshire is well known for its luxurious nature and need for high quality goods. So you can rest assured knowing that your needs are being looked after by our team of experienced carpenters in the heart of Cheshire.


With our mattresses, German mechanics and a wide range of our beds, we offer a free five-year guarantee, simply because we are that confident in our work. Materials and craftsmanship. We know that we have put every effort to ensuring your bed is a bed to last and will serve you greatly and for this reason if it has any issues at all within 5 years of purchase you can simply give us a call. Even if you did not realise you were eligible for a guarantee it is always worth a try.

These are the key factors behind a LongBeds bed so special and perfect for you. Why not take a look through our range of beds.