Tips Decorating Your Bedroom

Long Beds - Room Decoration

Here at LongBeds we understand colour schemes, styling, layout and the lighting in a bedroom can do a lot for your mood. This room is going to be the first and last thing you see every day. The simple fact being you are going to spend half around 40% of your day in a room makes it important that it looks and feels comfortable. Researching your decorations and styling goes a long way into accomplishing this, here is five simply steps to be able to reach the perfect room for you.

Colour Schemes

When you are thinking of decorating your bedroom, there is a simple process of working out what colours you are going to go with.

Firstly, choose a style that you want your bedroom to follow, a more modern and sophisticated style would be black, white, chrome with many gloss colours. Where as a vintage oak style bedroom may hold colder more natural colours, such as greens, auburns or browns.

Once you have the ideal style in mind, you are going to need to think about what aspects of that style you want to stand out, for example if you are going for the modern look are you going to go simplistic in your approach or down the route of modern art. The modern art adding more colour and the simplistic staying with neutral tones. Another example would be with the rustic style are you going to aim for the British farm house rustic focusing on oak beams and hardwood surroundings or are you going to try to aim for the more

The final step is actually picking out the final defined shades, its all well and good saying you are going to go with greens and browns but if you do not know the exact shades then you cannot move on. A lot of hardware stores and paint webpages have “colour books” which are basically books full of coloured walls and furniture so you can see what a colour looks like when it is out of the tub and onto the wall.


Now that you have decided the colour and done some research, you are going to need to move into the realm of actually starting to get things placed into the room. The basic skeleton of the room is the simple things such as painting the walls, selecting the flooring, the lighting fitting, light shade and finally the curtains.

Ensuring you get all of this into the room first before starting to lay furniture will be a big help in the longer term and save you having to fit and move around large amounts of furniture in the future. It also gives you the even bigger benefit of having a clean canvas to be able to work with.


After you have selected your colours and placed the basic framework into your bedroom, you are going to need to look at some furniture that not only matches the style but also does not contrast in the wrong ways with the colours. If you have gone for a more modern look then try to match this with either black or white furniture. Whilst at the same time the rustic feel usually benefits from dark oaks colours. However, there is always going to be the odd exception so use your common sense when selecting.

When it comes to selecting a bed, try to purchase a bed that not only fits within your colour scheme and layout, but is also the right size and has the functionality you need. For example if you have very little storage, try a ottoman base, or if you’re heading for the simplistic modern feel then the low flush studio could be a great addition to the room.


Once you have selected your ideal furniture, you are going to need to put it in the room and more than likely have a change up with the layout. It’s rare to be able to fill a room with furniture and get it right on the first attempt so try bringing a friend over and taking a few attempts to be able to get it exactly how you want it.

You need to think about usability of the furniture, if anything obstructed, opening the door the whole way, access to the winder, where is the light shining in the morning and nights. All of these things are going to annoy you in the long run if they are not spot on so it is important to spent time trying to get them right.


Every bedroom has a little character to it; this could be anything from a clock, photos, jewellery box, moneybox, even a teddy on top of a set of drawers. These little touches are going to make the whole space that little bit more friendly, there is not much point going out to buy most of this.

In addition, if you do not know what to put into the room to add some character simply leave it alone and do not force it. You will find that over time you will simply find something and find you want it in your room or be given something as a present and place it in there.

If you are looking to redecorate your room or simply looking to add a little character than take a look through our range of beds, available in all sizes and colours to suite.