Why Your Favourite Hero’s Need Long Beds

Saving the world from various villains and savage thugs is stressful and tiring work, so how do super heroes get adequate rest and avoid sleepless nights? The answer is simple; they have the right beds.

Captain America

Capitan Americas Bed

Captain America is a 6’2, vintage loving kind of person, he takes care of his appearance and has many various items that he likes to keep handy and treasure. This is why captain America opts for the Ottoman Base bed from long beds. The Ottoman Base allows Captain America to store his shield, uniform and various hair products under his bed and sleep on them through the night. This keeps them safe and it means he can find them easily in the morning.

Captain America would have to opt for the Faux Suede, 6’6″ long and 5″ wide option to be able to ensure he has enough room to stay comfortable whilst having his bed fit his smooth and sleek style.


colossus' bed

Colossus is the kind of man who cannot get the right bed from anywhere except Long Beds. The very fact he is 7’5″ means that he has to opt for the Shallow Base bed and turns it sideways. This is because the Shallow Base comes without a headboard and is the same on all sides. This in turn means that there is no distinct top or sides. Colossus gets this bed and it allows him to be able to have a more than adequate 8’0″ to be able to sleep in comfortably.

As Colossus is such a minimalistic robotic man, he opts for the bare wood finish to suit his characteristics; this bed allows him to be able to get all the sleep he needs with more than enough room to fit comfortably.


Hulks Bed

The Hulk is a 7-foot giant when he is angry and he needs a bed to suit. Yes, we understand he is not going to be going to sleep as an angry man but one nightmare and who knows what damage he could do to a small weak bed.

The Hulk clearly needs to be using the Flush Studio bed. The 7’3″ length with the 6″ width gives him more than enough room for movement, so that if he gets angry through a bad dream or memory he has enough room to expand and contrast to suit. The bed is also Solid Scandinavian Pine so that it will easily be able to take the weight of the Hulk in his greater form. The Hulk himself would go for the Oak finish, as it is the most common and the Hulk was a run of the mill guy before his transformation.

Iron Man

Iron Mans Bed

Tony Stark, who has no super human abilities, controls the Iron Man and apart from his heart is just a normal person. Tony himself is a very luxurious man who loves expensive things and has a very upper class taste. For this reason, Tony Stark opts for the Milo. He opts for the biggest possible sizes of 7’3″ by 8’0″ simply because he likes to know he has lots of room to spare and he loves the black option to suit his modern and elegant home and its décor of sleek smooth blacks, whites and chromes.

If you’re a big guy in need of a bigger bed then give Long Beds a browse to see what we can do for you?