Big Facts for Tall People

tall people anna peisi cerbis

I’m sure being tall you’ve probably had a few jokes made about you and a few stereotypes have been applied to your taller frame, but what are the facts about being taller than average?

  • Taller people have better tickers – this is true (on average) taller people have a lower risk of dying from cardiovascular diseases. There is no definite answer to why this is, however many studies believe that height is partially determined by socio economic factors such as good childhood nutrition therefore taller people are often making the most of their genes with a good lifestyle early on which means they have an overall healthier lifestyle.
  • Your height changes throughout the day – as the day goes on your spine is put under more pressure and can become compressed by up to a cm each day making you slightly shorter at the end of the day compared to the morning. That is why being able to stretch out in a long bed is very important.
  • Being tall is down to parents –  not completely true – it is estimated that our height only 60% down to our genes, as mentioned earlier nutrition and lifestyle also attributes to your adult height. However 60% is a lot but also some of this is determined by grandparents genes as well. A basic equation for guessing children’s height is for girls: take away 5 inches from her dad’s height, average this number with her Mum’s height, for boys, the opposite; add 5 inches to his Mum’s height, average that number with Dad’s height. For both equations they recommend you add and subtract 2 inches for a height range. Another theory is that a child is exactly half their height by the age of 2 and a half years, again this is subject to other influences but can give a good estimate. 
  • Taller people make more money – True! Great news for our customers is that studies have shown on average taller people have higher levels of education, higher positions in companies (such as managers and directors) and also on average earn more than our shorter friends. This has been linked to socio economic factors such as parental wealth and class giving them better nutrition as children to reach full potential of height. Other theories attribute height as making people a bit more confident (standing tall) and as such have a better self esteem striving to do better and succeed, as well as being confident enough to try for higher positions and ask for pay rises.
  • Taller people are more attractive – Taller people are on the whole perceived as being more attractive to the opposite sex (and same sex). Theories are that this is down to an evolutionary influence where shorter people are perceived as weaker or not as healthy.

Of course these are all facts but they are an overall average, lets not put our short friends down as there are plenty of attractive, healthy, wealthy shorter people, but at the end of the day they still look up to us!