5 tips to perfect Bedroom Feng Shui

The bedroom is a place to sleep and get rest, it is a sanctuary, so why not add a bit of feng shui to your bedroom for more calm, more balance and more zen!

  • Correct position of the bed – Your bed should not be placed directly in front of the door, find a location where you can access the bed from both sides and fit a bed side table on each side. Balance is great for Feng shui as well as having a bed made of natural materials – such as wood and also a good mattress with good quality fibres.
  • Get rid of the TV, computers, screens and exercise equipment – The bedroom is a place of rest modern technology and equipment is distracting. Such devices also have an affiliation with work which should be left outside of the bedroom, by having them in the bedroom you bring in stress. If you are sharing a bed with a loved one, you do not need distractions such as the TV or a computer getting between your relationship. Skin tone colours from a pale white to a deep brown are considered the best colours for sexual healing and good restful sleep. Bright screens are very bad for sleep, as they are stimulating and after a certain time of night should be avoided as your body clock naturally starts to wind down, try reading a book before bed to unwind and prepare your body for sleep.
  • Use the best colours for feng shui – Painting your bedroom and buying curtains and bed linen is an important consideration for creating a calm and balanced bedroom space. Colours are important for promoting the flow of energy around a room.
  • Lighting – The light in your bedroom is very important, the best bedroom lighting is candle light as this is warm, comforting and not too bright. Candle light promotes intimacy, and also the low levels of light help unwind your body for a good nights rest.
  • Open your windows – letting in light and oxygen will help your health and well being in the bedroom during the day. You need to have pure air circulating the room. If you live in an area that is noisy or has air pollution then you should consider an air purification system.