How to get a lie in on sunny mornings

sleeping on bed

Long summer days can often mean waking up early; a good night’s sleep needn’t be disturbed due to bright mornings.  There are a number of ways you can prevent bright morning light from waking you up. Here are a few tips on getting a lie in on sunny mornings.

Bed Position

You could always face your bed away from the line of sunlight. You’ll notice that when the light shines through your curtains that it will land directly on a key position in the room before spreading out to everywhere else. Placing your bed away from that said point in the room should deflect the light away from you in the long run and help you get a lie in of a morning.

You could also try positioning your bed, so that the headboard backs onto the window. This will block out all light from coming into your room of a morning, in turn giving you a better sleep.

Blackout Blinds

You can get blinds that will completely block out the sun, the only downside is that sometimes the sun will still get through the cracks in the side or that sometimes if you want to keep your windows open because you enjoy a breeze in the night, that said breeze won’t come into your room as the blinds will block it or blow around in the wind making noise.

For an adequate set of blackout blinds that don’t have these issues, it can add up to a large sum but if you get a high end set it can be one of the best forms of protection against the morning sun. You have to weigh up how much these blinds are worth to you and if you are willing to pay to keep the sun out of your room.

Glare Covers

Glare covers are a little like blackout blinds but instead they block light all day and night, only letting a small amount through. This means that you beam of light won’t be directly on you and you will only wake up when you are ready to awake. This is also a cheaper option. However, if you are very sensitive to light and it only takes a little light to wake you then this could still be an issue.

Eye Mask

This is a mask that goes on your face to be able to block out sunlight and any other form of light. They are usually made of elastic and cotton to fit comfortably on your face and remain on even when you toss and turn in the night. If you are looking for something very effective and low cost this is probably your best option. Not only will it block out all of the light from outside but they can be picked up for less than £2 and kept next to your bed.