How to Chose the Right Bed for Your Room

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When it comes to deciding to buy a new bed or moving into a new home and needing a new bed, people can often regret their choice and feel disheartened. If you’re going to spend one third of your life lay on your bed so you need to make sure you are happy with your decision. Here are a few things to take into consideration when choosing the right bed for you.

Floor Space

When it comes to choosing the right bed you need to ensure you have chose the right size to both be comfortable while not to leave your room feeling too crowded/empty. Try measuring your room out and making sure you can walk down both sides of the bed with adequate room to open draws, doors and other storage you may have in your room.

Whilst doing this you want to make sure you can still get from your bed to things with ease. Things like a bedside table or a footer desk can go along way into convenience and storage of things you may need in bed such as a book, phone or alarm clock. Take into account these added features when you are planning the size and location of your bed within your bedroom.


If you have a relatively small room or you simply like the minimalistic look so don’t have a lot of storage within your room then it could be worth look at an Ottoman Bed. The Ottoman bed allows you to be able to store things within the bed but also includes a lift mechanism that allows you to be able to lift the bed up with ease and get to whatever you decide to store underneath.

The very nature of this bed makes it perfect for people who have a lot of items they need to store away within their room. It could even be used for a child to store toys, schoolwork, homework or whatever else they have within there room.


Your bed needs to fit within your décor and style within your room. You need to make sure you like the look of it and it’s not sticking out too much. Your bed can work as a decretive piece and help you add to the overall feel of your room in the long run. Things like getting the fabric right, getting the colour right, getting the right bedding will all contribute to changing the appearance to your bed and making it fit right within its space.

The type of bed can also affect the room, the more minimalistic and modern look usually suits a Flush Studio bed. Whilst a more contemporary inner city open plan apartment may suit the Shallow Bed for it’s more petite appearance adding to the size of the room.

Personal Preference

You need to have a bed that feels right and you can feel comfortable in. Obviously if you are tall then we would recommend our range. Then if you roll around and fidget a lot in the night then maybe getting something wider could stop you falling off. If you like the feel of certain sheets, like a certain amount of pillows then use that many pillows and have those said sheets. You’re going to be the one sleeping in it, so it should feel right for you and your needs.

Do You Sleep Alone or With a Partner

This is an obvious point, if you sleep with a partner then they are going to want a say in the bed. If they are taller than you then a longer bed is going to be needed to keep you both comfortable. When it’s more than just you then you’re going to need a larger bed, if you sleep in the same bed but enjoy space than you’re going to need an even larger bed. Look at a bed you two have slept in before and think about how comfortable you were in that bed and the size that bed was. Then get a bigger or smaller bed accordingly to compensate and get the size just right for it to be both comfortable and friendly to your budget.

Take a look at our range of bed ranging from the smallest to the largest to fit your needs.