Having Trouble Sleeping?

Flickr Rachel Calamus

Keeping yourself busy with work, travelling, family life and fitness can be hard so when it comes to going to be we shouldn’t have to be lying there all night trying to sleep. We all know the theory that counting sheep helps you sleep but what else is there? If you are having troubles getting to sleep here are a few things you can do about it that should help in the long run.

Keeping your Sleeping Schedule in Order

Yes, you will get weekends off and yes occasionally you will go abroad and need to adjust to the sleeping patterns of your destination. Everyone has struggles with this but try to stay well within your normal sleeping pattern where possible. If it’s the weekend then treat it like a week day and try to go to bed at the normal time and if you wake up later you will soon realise that you are not getting enough sleep through the week. If this is the case then the chances are you’re napping in the day during the week and that’s what’s keeping you awake. Try to get to bed earlier during the week and get up at your normal time and you should in theory see an improvement.

There is also if you’re going on holiday and don’t want to spend your first day abroad in bed to adjust to their time zone. You can do this easily; try to adjust yourself to the destinations time zone by a few hours a night for two nights before you go and before you come home. This may mean going to bed earlier or later. This should mean that once you get there the first day in your new location will either feel like a late night or an evening nap when you go to bed that night. This beats going to bed for a long period when you should be out enjoying your holiday.

Relaxing at Night Time

Relaxing before bed can be tricky as you could get home from work late usually and want to watch a bit of TV or go on the laptop. This could possibly be one of the worst things for your sleep. We recommend investing in some smart blubs for the house or low wattage lighting; this will make your home darker and will allow you to relax easier. There is also the chance that you may need something to do when you’re home, try reading? Don’t use an iPad or your mobile as it is back lit and this will stop you sleeping later in the night. Try using a dull light and a book or an eBook.

If you need to get up in the night and you turn a light on then you get that annoying bright light feeling as your eyes adjust? That’s you waking up properly and your body coming away from your “sleep mode”. There is a way to be able to shake that feeling easily. Firstly, use a small torch when going to the toilet or getting a drink in the light to minimise light exposure that will awaken you. Secondly, use sun glasses, it seems silly but putting some very dark sun glasses on your bed side table and wearing them when you get up in the night will lower the amount of light that goes into your eyes and you won’t get that annoying feeling as you turn a light on in the dark.

The Bed you’re in Needs to Feel Right

If you’re moving around a lot in a bed then order a wider bed and if you’re really tall then order a longer bed as if you don’t fit on your bed then you’re not going to be comfortable in the night. The same can be said for width if you’re just going to roll off the side. Also make sure that your blanket is not too thick or thin for the time of year as if you’re too hot or cold then you may not be able to sleep as easily.