Top 35 Weirdest and Annoying Facts about being Tall

35 things that we all hate about being tall, from the little annoying things to the massive problems. Do you recognise any of these irritating situations?

1. Small cars – When you are a teenager and you’re car insurance is annoying because you’re too big for a small car, but too broke for a big car …


 2. Leg room on planes – When you’re travelling long distances curled up in a ball because there is literally no leg room at all for you to even consider using.

3. Buying clothing online – We all know that struggle when you want to buy a top and it comes on screen with the medium to large range. Deep down you know you have a small width and a large height and it will almost always be the wrong size you order.


4. Feet never touching a bed – Having to either sleep in a ball to stay warm or having to turn the blanket diagonally, so the corner can just cover your toes and another corner can reach your neck.


5. Low ceilings – In older houses, as soon as you get inside you realise how confined you actually are.

6. Being that one guy – There is always one guy, in every group, who will always have to go in the middle of the photo because his sheer size.


7. Lying mirrors – When no matter how far back from the “full view mirror” you actually go, your head is always cropped out when you take a selfie.


8. When clothing lies – This is one of the most annoying things ever when the body fits beautifully, the width is a nice snug fit, yet your arms look like the shirt is meant to be a three quarter shirt.


9. Public sinks – Having to lean over the sink to wash your hands then, over your legs where the counter was and its left a embarrassing wet line on your bright blue jeans.


10. Bathroom antics – When the shower and the bath were made for the stars of snow white and everything in there seems to be out to get you because you’re so tall.


11. Feet – When you’re that tall your second toe in becomes bigger than your first.


12. Cover photo – When it comes to Facebook or Twitter and you want a cover photo but all your friends are short so you either crop all them out or not be in it.


13. Forever hitting things – No matter what, if you’re tall you will smack your head on lights, doorways and wooden beams  for the rest of your life.


14. Constant crouching all the time – No matter what it is at some point in your life you will have to reach down, squat or crouch for it


15. Annoying banter – There will always be at least one friend in every group that has the poor standard of banter, who will continue to try and throw it out there.


16. Even worse banter – When people ask “how’s the weather up there” then laugh as if it’s really funny and original for them to say it …

17. Fun times – Every tall person has stuck there head in a lightshade just for fun, at least 3 times.


18. School – Finding a desk that you can fit under is a stressed procedure.


19.Suits –  When normal people sit down there pants lift slightly off their feet, maybe even lower leg at a push. However, when tall people sit down it reveals there whole foot, and crawls three quarters of the way up there leg. what’s all that about?


20. Girls/Boys – When you go over to talk to someone and as you get closer you realise how big the size difference is and abort the mission straight away.


21. Sports – Even in England people assume that tall people play basket ball but none of us do. It’s annoying, wind it in.


22. Shelves – Every time someone needs something off a tall shelf they will call on you, they sometimes won’t speak to you all day then they want something, sometimes they don’t even know you?


23. The others – Small people forever getting sarcastic and moody over nothing, just because we are tall.


24. Flying – Hoping for that door seat on the aeroplane, so you can have some leg room whilst you fly.


25. Comfort –  When people tell you to take your feet of the chair or desk but you are too big for the chair you are in and they don’t understand the level of discomfert you have at that moment in time.


26. Style – When people want to borrow your jumpers and jackets so they can roll the sleeves up twice and try to make themselves look indie … no. stop it.


27. Parks – Wanting to act a kid and do the monkey bars in a park for a laugh, but you’re too tall so you just walk under them and touch each one because it’s the effort that counts… don’t lie, you know you’ve done it before.


28. Gaming – When you are so tall that your hands are too big for the controls, so you have to hold it in that weird way were your fingers touch it but your hand doesn’t really fit.


29.Long arms –  When you’re in class not listening and you itch your head. However because of your sheer height  the teacher thinks you’re putting your hand up to answer a question. This would all be fine if you had any idea of what’s going on.


30. Pools – The deep end of the pool isn’t all that it turned out to be and you’re either swimming around kicking the bottom or just stood there unimpressed.


31. concerts – People thinking it’s acceptable to ask to get on your shoulders. When half the time you have never met those said people in your life… can you not?


32. Concerts – Small people pushing past you in a mood because they couldn’t see past you. go stand somewhere else then !!


33. Childhood – When you were young and wanted to play hide and seek but you couldn’t hide anywhere without only being half in your hiding place.


34. Shops – When you go to try clothes on but you are too tall and your head sticks out the top of the cubical.


35. Speed – When people tell you to slow down walking without realise that one of your steps is about 10 of theirs and its physically impossible to simply slow down.