Bed Care

Please take the following steps to ensure that your bed will provide you with continuous comfort and many nights of restful sleep.


We recommend your mattress should be turned every month. Turn from end to end and flip over so that the filling materials will settle evenly. Single sided Memory Foam and Latex Mattress should be rotated from top-to-tail regularly so that the mattress wears evenly.

Protect your mattress

To protect your mattress from the body moisture created while you sleep it is advisable to fit a mattress protector. A Mattress protector will provide additional protection as well as assisting with dust mite allergies.

Air your mattress

Regularly airing your mattress (i.e. when you change the sheets) ensures proper maintenance and will help prolong it’s lifespan by allowing any absorbed moisture to evaporate

Use a suitable base

The life span of a mattress will be adversely affected by use of an old or unsuitable base. For wooden slat bases we recommend a maximum spacing of 55mm between slats for a pocket sprung mattress or 80mm for an open sprung mattress.

Getting used to a new mattress

New mattresses will usually feel initially firmer while fillings and springs settle. It is especially important to regularly turn the mattress in this initial bedding in phase to ensure even filling settlement.

Body Impression and Settlement

From new the area where you sleep will begin to appear lower than the surrounding area. There is no need to be concerned, this settlement is perfectly normal. To ensure even settlement across the surface of the mattress we recommend that you turn and rotate your mattress regularly. Body impression will be more noticeable on our more expensive mattresses with natural fillings.

Do not fold or bend your mattress

When moving the mattress try not to bend, roll or fold it, as this could permanently damage the mattress structure..

Do not misuse your mattress

Spring mattresses can be damaged if the mattress is subjected to excessive wear (e.g. jumping up and down on it) or repeated localised pressure (for example sitting on the edge of the mattress) so this should also be avoided. Misuse of the mattress in this way will invalidate your guarantee.


Tufts are used to keep the mattress fillings in place. The tufts can come out of place or will break if the mattress is misused. These tufts can be replaced, please contact us for details.

Mattress Storage

Prolonged storage of your mattress on its side can distort the springs and cause uneven settlement of fillings. If possible always store flat and not on its side.

Divan drawers

The drawers in storage divans are designed and made for lightweight items such as bed linen and clothing. Do not overload the drawers as excessive weight can cause them to become damaged or distorted, and overfilling them could cause the drawers to jam.

Wooden Bed Frames

Wax finished bed frames should be regularly polished with a natural Beeswax to maintain the colour and condition of the stained wood. Lacquered bed frames need only an occasional wiping over with a mild detergent.